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Bitterly cold weather triggered SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Provision) at the start of the New Year in Poole. St Mungo’s rough sleeper team provided shelter for 5 or 6 homeless people on 2 January 2019, for the first time at Skinner Street URC Hall instead of the less accessible out of town accommodation. Hot food was not available so Routes to Roots left packed lunches for them all for Wednesday and Thursday. As Friday night is an R2R drop-in evening, hot food was provided as usual. As temperatures rose above zero on week commencing 7 January, the rough sleeper team has had to deactivate SWEP until further notice.

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Poole’s SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Provision) was again triggered on the night of Thursday 22 February as temperatures plummeted. Workers from St Mungo’s, who are responsible for outreach to rough sleepers, informed all those they found to be at the Salvation Army car park, New Orchard Street, Poole by 8.30pm. After that time, they would have to make their own way to the Gateway Church, 133 Alder Road, where just 10 bed spaces are available. Support staff are on site throughout the night and a hot meal is provided.
Only if the temperature drops to zero degrees or below for three consecutive nights or more does the council have a responsibility to offer emergency housing to people who are rough sleeping.
Verified rough sleepers are able to access the shelter from 8.30pm. Doors close at 10.00pm – there is no access after this time.
If you are going to be, or are aware of anyone who is going to be, street homeless then contact the Bournemouth and Poole Rough Sleepers’ Team on 01202 315962 or 0300 5000 914 (both 24 hours).

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Since 13 January temperatures in Poole have dropped to 0° or below on many occasions. As a result the Poole Outreach and Support Team (POST – Routes to Roots in partnership with Bournemouth Churches Housing Association) has triggered its Severe Weather Emergency Provision (SWEP). SWEP provides rough sleepers with a hot meal, overnight accommodation and breakfast in a Poole church hall.

When temperatures rise the accommodation closes but POST continues to monitor the situation and will re-open as necessary. The POST team engages with all known rough sleepers within the Borough of Poole on a daily basis and encourages them to move away from rough
sleeping and into safe accommodation.

Anyone who has concerns about someone who is either rough sleeping or at risk of rough sleeping can contact Poole Outreach Support Team
 (POST) on:
07966 808802 / 07985 998904 or at pooleoutreachteam@bcha.org.uk

Alternatively, in the case of a housing emergency or if you are aware of a person who requires more information about their current tenancy, you can call Housing and Community Services: 01202 633804