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Routes to Roots

Who Are We?

Routes to Roots is founded on Christian principles and supports rough sleepers, vulnerably housed (sofa surfers or in B&Bs) and newly housed (formerly homeless) adults in Poole regardless of their faith.

At five drop-ins we provide basic necessities, such as showers, hot food, clothing and sleeping bags, and offer outreach access to the BCP addictions team, mental health workers, BCP rough sleeper outreach team and housing advisers.

Since November 2015 we have provided supported housing for three rough sleepers, working with the local authorities to move them on into independent accommodation.

We were first registered as a charity in 2002 and became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in 2014. In July 2015 the Bishop of Sherborne, Karen Gorham became our Patron.

What Do We Do?

Over the years, as our financial support and volunteer network have grown, we have been able to extend our activities and we have become able to do more to develop long-term outcomes for the total wellbeing of our clients through providing one-stop access to health and housing services and offering other support for them to become more rooted in the local community.

Outreach: R2R has established a hub for health and wellbeing outreach at our drop-ins. We have brought in the appropriate agencies who can provide assistance in resolving a range of problems that  keep people on the streets, for example a Community Mental Health Team Nurse, Homeless Health Nurse, Addiction Support and referrals to Substance Misuse Assessment & Referral Team.

Providing Basic Necessities of Life: R2R provides a hot meal five times a week, showers, laundry, access to computers, clothing, sleeping bags, and practical assistance for those moving into accommodation, as needed.

Prevention and Social Inclusion: R2R works with those who are currently housed, including those in our own supported accommodation, to help minimise the risk of repeated homelessness. We give support to those who are in danger of losing their tenancies through whatever means, such as non-payment of top-up fees, etc.

Engaging the Local Community: R2R offers opportunities to groups, businesses and individuals to volunteer, support and fundraise. To inform, inspire and raise awareness in local businesses, schools, community groups, and churches, R2R volunteers give presentations and talks about the charity’s vision and mission.

Advocacy: R2R monitors the current situation for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Poole and acts as an advocate for them with police, local government and services.

Other Services For The Homeless In Poole

Early Morning Outreach Provided by St Mungo’s: From April 2017 St Mungo’s, under contract to BCP Council, has provided early morning outreach to rough sleepers across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. They are also responsible for Severe Weather Emergency Provision. St Mungo’s attends R2R breakfasts to work with those individuals who are rough sleeping.

Soup Runs Provided by Local Churches: Currently food is prepared and served by local churches on a Saturday and Sunday night underneath the arches at Poole train station. Food is served at 08:30 pm by volunteers from both St Marys Longfleet and Sunnyhill Churches

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