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…The Churches in Poole have for many years worked together in supporting the work of the charity Routes to Roots and also the Soup kitchen for the homeless. As such they represent a key part of the provision locally for the homeless which takes place within the central town area either at Skinner Street URC or under the arches by the station. To have a policy of moving homeless on out of this local area will curtail their access to this valuable resource for them. The soup kitchens do not start until 8pm which gives little time for the users of this resource to move to an area out of the PSPO area. The provision of the proposed PSPO appears to put our most vulnerable members of our society at more risk and seems to show a lack of compassion in our community…

Download the full letter: Letter re PSPO

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Rev Chris Harwood from St James, Poole, has organised a Sleep-Out to raise funds for R2R. It will take place on Saturday 17th December outside St James Church in Poole, officially starting at 9.00pm though the organisers will be there earlier to set up. You can join in or support them.
Some people will sleep under the stars/tarpaulin; others will bring tents. Those sleeping under the stars will need to bring cardboard to protect themselves from the cold ground. There will be hot drinks and food provided.
Chris is hoping to raise £400 to keep our homeless friends safe and warm this winter. Please help them achieve this or, even better, exceed the target.
Forecast for that evening is 5 degrees, very windy with rain, so those sleeping out will be earning your support!
A Just Giving page has been set up to encourage people to give on FaceBook and spread the message further: