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The Pillar Program.

It’s time to say thank you and pass the baton to a new participant of The Pillar Program.

Twelve weeks have flown by and it has been an interesting time.

Talking to volunteers and visiting their respective churches, taking time to simply find out who they are and why they volunteer.

So what did I get from this initiative created by the Genesis Centre Manager, Ben?

First, a chance to express thanks to all involved at Routes to Roots and some of the churches involved in supporting this place with food and volunteers both during the daily lunches, and also the two Sunday dinners and sausage in a bun and a hot drink every Sunday night.

Second, it was a chance to express how some of us and myself feel when we are here and what we get from participating with the services that visit here regularly. The Genesis Centre is a place away from the public eye and a warm meal. It is so important for morale.

For me, this has been a good challenge, to face my dyslexia and try to write good, informative pieces with a positive feel to them, laced with some of my personality.

I would like to thank everyone that supported the program and encouraged me to write good copy and liked my artwork. A big thank you to Ben for the chance to do this.

Thank you to everyone that has read my work, liked, commented and shared on social media. I hope that for some it has been educational and perhaps for some, changed their perception of the homeless.

I hope to occasionally write some pieces and continue to share some artwork with you all, so it’s not goodbye, just farewell for now.