The Pillar Programme – An Update From Andrew

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Six months on from completing the Routes to Roots Pillar Programme, Andrew who helped with communications, has some news for you all…

Hello everybody.

It’s been a while since I wrote a piece for the newsletter and I thought I could do an update
for you all.

What a winter so far and very challenging for a rough sleeper.
Lots of rain and very strong winds, also two very cold spells leading to S W E P protocol being called
and up to twelve people staying at the Genesis Centre at night.
I stayed one night the first time and three nights the second, and it was a warm and dry place to be.
So huge thanks to Routes to Roots, Ben and the volunteers that made it all possible.

What have I been doing lately.
Well a year has gone by since I first came here and that feels a bit odd. A whole year gone.
I think my well being and life have been given a positive boost by helping out here sometimes and also volunteering at the soup run five nights a week.
Structure, meaning and positivity all good for well being..

The future.
Planning for the future has been in progress and with help from Ben and Tracy at Routes to Roots and very proactive encouragement, I now have a job.

Yes a job.

Being homeless is not a barrier to getting a job, but it definitely does not make it easy.
My own fear of rejection and my age being against me made me unsure I wanted to put myself through the rejection.
Well a couple of upsets to start but good support from everyone and some prayers helped me stay on track and just be me.
And that is why I have a job by just being me.
I was noticed at the train station and how I behaved and interacted with people travelling through on their journeys.
It led to a job offer of two days a week which I have now started.
Just what I wanted.
The start of a plan that might take a couple of years to show and the result I want,
A place to call home.

Everyone involved at Routes to Roots has in some way helped me on this new venture and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.