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“Why not join us on Saturday 9th December 10 pm at St James Church in Poole Old Town. Spend a night sleeping outside in solidarity with our friends who are homeless: raising awareness and also vital funds for Routes to Roots’ Winter appeal. Last year we raised £1,055 and we are looking for new fundraisers to take on the challenge on this cold December night, and hopefully will beat that amount!
“It will provide a small insight into what it might be like to be without a safe place to call home, and having to rely on the support of others.
“You will need to bring a warm sleeping bag and lots of layers. We suggest bringing a ground sheet or some cardboard to sleep on, and some waterproof sheeting or a survival bag.
 “It would be great to have lots of churches represented. Hopefully see you there!”
If you have any questions about the sleep out or would like to join in, please contact Rev. Chris Harwood on 0781 3782 801.
For more information, or to donate go to: